About Us

WOD Toys® was founded in 2011 from a simple and humble desire to give children the opportunity to safely imitate their parents during workouts and at their best moments. Seeing fitness enthusiasts bring their children to boxes and gyms has inspired WOD Toys® to design and create toys that would let children mimic their parents as a form of play while introducing fitness and something they can get a lifetime of enjoyment from.

Committed to delivering quality, our products are carefully designed by passionate fitness enthusiasts who are also proud parents of active kids. Each toy goes through a rigorous quality assurance and testing process. We only make toys that would pass the most important of tests and the strictest of critics, our own children!

Today, we are continually expanding our global reach to encourage parents to introduce the importance of being healthy and physically active through play and family engagement. We have positioned ourselves as partners in promoting health and fitness by providing products that will encourage children to start the path to fitness.

Among WOD Toys® range of products are toys resembling popular CrossFit® equipment. The toys are carefully designed to be as authentic as possible while keeping safety and high quality craftsmanship and materials in mind. Although these toys are not intended to serve as actual fitness equipment, the concept behind them is to bring families together through physical activities and to allow children to playfully participate during WODs and workouts.